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Why Choose BIAC – BIAC

Why Choose BIAC

  • BIAC is the first organization in Bangladesh to offer institutionalized ADR facilities. In the short period of its existence, it has already hosted arbitration from Bangladeshi and multinational or foreign companies working in Bangladesh.

  • BIAC offers cost effective arbitration services.

  • Bangladesh legal systems and Courts are ADR friendly. Arbitration Awards from Bangladesh are enforceable in more than 147 jurisdictions through the ‘Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Award’, just as awards from other contracting states may be enforced in Bangladesh.

  • BIAC Arbitration Rules have been drafted by eminent jurists of the country, with the participation of a leading UK law firm and international arbitration experts from the United States,incorporating global best practices and conforming to Bangladesh legal regime.

  • BIAC’s independence and neutrality make it an attractive venue for arbitration, while its commitment to confidentiality is greatly valued.

  • State-of-the art hearing room facilities and other logistic arrangements make it a pleasure to hold hearings at BIAC.

  • Provision of Fast Track Arbitration where the sum in dispute is small.

  • Monitoring and follow up by qualified and experienced Secretariat, allow for timely disposal of cases at nominal administrative cost.

  • Parties are free to chose arbitrators from anywhere in the world, as well as from BIAC Panel of Arbitrators.

  • BIAC is located in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, which is well-connected to international aviation routes.