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Training – BIAC


Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC) is the country’s first and only registered Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service provider organisation, licensed by the Government of Bangladesh which facilitates resolution of domestic and international commercial disputes in an expeditious and amicable manner through Arbitration and Mediation. BIAC started operation as a not-for-profit organisation in April 2011 and has its own Rules of Arbitration and Mediation. Apart from facilitating Arbitration and Mediation BIAC also provides training courses on ADR.                             

Training programmes of any organisation on dispute resolution are aimed to teach stakeholders how to successfully resolve disputes in ways that are satisfactory to all parties. Disputes can be resolved in a variety of ways. A mutually agreeable outcome will generate long term benefits, all these and more can be learned through studying one of BIAC’s dispute resolution training courses on ADR. Our dispute resolution courses are also aimed to show trainees key resolution skills required, such as, coping effectively with animosity and making use of the mutually arrived at agreement frame.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a common way of resolving civil and commercial disputes around the world. ADR methods, such as, Mediation and Arbitration are growing forms of dispute resolution means in Bangladesh. Many laws of Bangladesh today have ADR provisions, e.g., The Code of Civil Procedure 1908, Labour Act 2006, Money Loan Courts Act 2003 and many others. This means, a varied number of cases must be tried through some or other means of ADR.

BIAC’s core activity is to provide facilities for application of ADR, however, in the absence of any chartered or professional training centre, BIAC had to take responsibilities to raise a human resource base of professionals in this field. BIAC organises training programmes on ADR for lawyers, academicians, Government and corporate officials, judges, officials from banks, financial institutions, NBFIs and students of Law and Business. We feel that lawyers, bankers, corporate professionals as well as the entrepreneurs and decision makers should be aware of these ADR methods to run their business smoothly in a more efficient way. BIAC’s training programmes provides the participants with incisive details on the principle and process of ADR, provisions of ADR in several laws as well as the skills required to conduct successful Arbitration and Mediation. These are suitable for anyone who is interested in Arbitration, Mediation and other forms of ADR. The participants need not have prior knowledge of Arbitration, however, a general knowledge on how law works is beneficial.  BIAC organises training on ADR mainly on:

  • Arbitration
  • Mediation and
  • Negotiation

BIAC also provides specialised training courses on ADR depending on individual organisations’ need. BIAC offers Arbitration/ Mediation trainings to officials of the following departments:

  • Procurement
  • Human Resource
  • Loan Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreements with Foreign Direct Investment
  • Employment Agreement

Overall learning points from BIAC’s ADR Training Courses on Commercial Dispute Resolution

  • Have an understanding of what the meaning of dispute and effective resolution is
  • These training courses will teach you the basic methods of resolving dispute and  how to conduct an arbitration/mediation.
  • Develop an understanding of the different stages of the resolution process through ADR mechanism.
  • These training courses will allow you to acquire the skills used to assist parties with divergent interests to reach a resolution.
  • These training courses will teach you ethics in the field, opportunities in commercial Arbitration/ Mediation and how to start building a practice as an ADR professional
  • These training courses will give you opportunity to work with internationally accredited trainers who have professional conflict Mediation/Arbitration experience

It will also:

  • Develop your interpersonal Skills
  • Teach you to set performance-based standards for evaluating your own work
  • Enhance your communication skill
  • Improve listening skill
  • Attain your questioning and clarifying skills

Till date, BIAC has organised 8 general courses on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), 28 Arbitration training courses, 22 Mediation training courses, 10 Negotiation training courses and 1 Risk Management Training Course.

Year No. of Training Courses Participants
2011 2 38
2012 7 99
2013 11 355
2014 5 147
2015 8 146
2016 9 153
2017 8 188
2018 7 164
2019 7 166
2020 (up to September) 5 162
Total 69 1618