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Others Training – BIAC

Others Training

BIAC has taken the initiative of providing specialised, sector-based and customised training programmes on ADR depending on the organisations’ need. In customised training courses, BIAC designs outline and module as per organisations’ requirement having relevance to the concept of ADR.  

These ADR training courses emphasise mostly on overall ADR mechanism, process of Arbitration and Mediation skills and practices, benefits, effective resolution of commercial dispute and the art of negotiations.

After identifying organisations’ need, BIAC offers one/two day long training programmes on ADR, where Arbitration and Mediation are mostly covered and other means of ADR are also discussed. BIAC has equipped training room for 30 participants. If participants are more than 30, BIAC arranges alternative venue for the training. For these customised trainings BIAC decides fees based on per person per day which covers training materials, fees of trainers/ instructors, rent of venue, cost of refreshment and lunch for the trainees. English is the medium of instruction and all training materials are in English. However, training can be conducted both in English and Bangla, depending upon demand by the trainees. BIAC provides the Trainers’ Profiles after the date is fixed depending on their availability.