BIAC International Training

Mediation training provided at BIAC is very interactive. We believe the best way to learn to mediate is by actually conducting one. Therefore, participants spend approximately half of the sessionin role plays, and lectures the other half consists of and exercises. Feedback from the participants has been extremely positive. A person who provides advice or uses a contract or agreement should have the appropriate knowledge on the principles and practices on mediation. For example, entrepreneurs, bankers, legal advisers, human resource personnel and others should know about Mediation.

This training course will:

-Teach you how to conduct a mediation
-Allow you to acquire the skills used to assist parties with divergent interests to reach a resolution
-Teach you ethics in the field, opportunities in commercial mediation and arbitration, and how to start building a practice as a mediator
-Teach you how to engage in simulated mediations to develop an understanding of the mediation process
-Give you opportunity to work with coaches who have professional conflict mediation experience

It will also:

-Develop your interpersonal Skills
-Teach you to set performance-based standards for evaluating your own work
-Enhance your communication skill
-Improve listening skill
-Attain your questioning and clarifying skills