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Highlights of 2020 – BIAC

Highlights of 2020

  1. Meeting with Professor Dr. Kazi Shahidullah, Chairman, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh regarding inclusion of ADR in the University Curriculum at the UGC Bhaban, Agargaon – 11 February 2020
  2.  Seminar on ‘’ADR: An Additional Way to Practice Law Press Release: Lawyers’ role in Alternative Dispute Resolution legal practice emphasized- 20 February 2020
  3. First ever online learning session on “Arbitration and Mediation”- 25 June 2020
  4. Webinar on ‘’ Problems in Trade and Supply Chain”- 29 June 2020
  5. Webinar on ‘’ Application of Force Majeure Clause: Should COVID¬-19 Be Included?”- 27 July 2020
  6. Webinar on “Risk Management during COVID¬-19: How an Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause can strengthen and protect Banks and RMG Sectors?” 13 Aug 2020
  7. Webinar on “ Ad hoc Versus Institutional Alternative Dispute Resolutions”- 31 Aug 2020
  8. BIAC Inter University Arbitration Contest- “University students mock Arbitration trial emphasised  practice of ADR”- 12 Sep 2020
  9. Webinar on “Mediation before Arbitration or Litigation?”- 17 Sep 2020
  10. BIAC Inter University Arbitration Contest- “University students mock Arbitration trial emphasised  practice of ADR” Second Round- 19 Sep 2020
  11. BIAC Inter University Arbitration Contest 2020, Final Round- 17 Oct 2020
  12.  Webinar on “Challenges of Application of Institutional ADR in Real Estate and Construction Disputes in Bangladesh” Jointly  organised by BIACand SIAC- 21 Oct 2020
  13. Webinar on “Settlement of Letters of Credit-Related International Trade Disputes through ADR” Jointly Organised by BIAC & DCC- 14 Nov 2020
  14. DCCI sings MoU with BIAC- 26 Nov 2020
  15. Webinar on “ADR can Create Faster Access to Justice”Jointly organised by BIAC & Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs Division (LPAD), Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs- 5 Dec 2020
  16. BIAC’s 9th founding anniversary Webinar on “Celebrating the First 9 Years: Impact of BIAC on Institutional ADR in Bangladesh’’- 26 Dec 2020
  17. ETBL Securities MD Rizwan elected DCCI President- 31 Dec 2020