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Highlights of 2018 – BIAC

Highlights of 2018

  1. BB plants tripartite meeting to strengthen ADR-19 January 2018
  2. MoU signing between BIAC & Prime Bank- 31 January 2018
  3. BIAC and Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) to help boost ADR activities in BD, INDIA-6 April 2018
  4. Bangladesh Bank asks BIAC and ABB to draft a guideline for realization of Non Performing Loans and amendment of relevant laws- 18 April 2018
  5. Roundtable Discussion on ‘Creating an Investment-friendly Access to Justice: Can Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) be an Effective Remedy in Commercial Disputes?’- 17 Feb 2018
  6. MoU signing between BIAC and ULAB to explore areas of making ADR more effective in Bangladesh on -23 May 2018
  7. Meet and Greet Session for the Participants of IIAC’s “International, Cross Cultural, Civil & Commercial Mediation and Negotiation” training course – 10 July- 2018
  8. Roundtable Discussion on “ADR in Managing the Risk of Non Performing Bank Loans” held at DCCI Auditorium- 21 July 2018
  9. CEDR Accredited Mediation Training Course held at Thailand Arbitration Center (THAC), Bangkok – 27-31 August 2018
  10. BIAC Chairman, CEO Attend China Arbitration Summit-16-17 Sep 2018
  11. BIAC’s 7th Anniversary Seminar on Mainstreaming the Use of ADR Clause in Commercial Agreements: Challenges and Opportunities”-29 Sep 2018
  12. Asian’s Dhaka Committee Members visit BIAC, ICCB-14 Oct 2018
  13. National Consultation Session on Proposed Arbitration (Amendment) Act 2018- 27 Oct 2018
  14. MoU signing between BIAC & London College of Legal Studies (LCLS) South- 3 Nov 2018
  15. Training on “Introduction to International Arbitration” in Singapore-19-22 Nov 2018
  16. BIAC sign Collaboration Agreement with Rahman & Rabbi Legal Chambers- 24 Dec 2018