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BIAC Local Training – BIAC

BIAC Local Training

As the only ADR institute in the country, apart from facilitating Arbitration and Mediation, BIAC also provides specialised training courses on ADR. Initially BIAC began with providing training courses in collaboration with the International Law Institute (ILI), Washington DC, USA and the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), UK for training on Arbitration and Mediation respectively. Through these training courses, 127 persons received certificates of advanced courses and 42 participants received certificates of TOT courses on Arbitration and in Mediation, 24 participants were accredited by CEDR, UK as Mediators, among them 10 Mediators also received TOT Training Certificates.

Currently BIAC is providing trainings conducted by individuals who have been trained by the said foreign institutions and also experts to conduct training courses in Bangladesh. Most of these trainings are daylong courses. These day-long trainings are usually conducted by two trainers. BIAC design the outline of the training courses. Accordingly trainers prepare the training materials.

 Usually as local trainings BIAC organises the following courses:

  1. Appreciation Course on ADR
  2. Day long Training Course on Arbitration
  3. Day long Training Course on Mediation
  4. ADR Training Course for students
  5. The Nuts & Bolts of Arbitration
  6. Tool Kits for practitioners
  7. Module 1: Overview & Drafting of an Arbitration Clause
  8. Module 2: Arbitral Proceedings
  9. Module 3: Arbitration Award & Enforcement
  10. Art of Negotiation
  11. Labour Mediation: Techniques and Approaches
  12. Mediation Process and its Application in Money Loan Court Act
  13. Training on Mediation- Mediation Process and its Application
  14. Training on Human Resource Management: Skills to Resolve Workplace Dispute
  15. Training on: Effective Resolutions in Procurement Disputes
  16. Managing Risks of Non Performance of Contracts
  17. Leading a team: Mediation as a consensus builder
  18. Leadership: Managing Dispute through Mediation and Conciliation
  19. Using Mediation Techniques in Managing Teams
  20. Conflict Resolution for Human Resource Management
  21. Team Building and Conflict ManagementADR for Risk Management in Lending