BIAC Local Training

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a common way of resolving civil disputes around the world. ADR methods, such as Mediation and Arbitration are growing forms of dispute resolution means in Bangladesh. Arbitration is one of the dispute settlement methods of ADR. Many laws of Bangladesh today have ADR provisions- Code of Civil Procedure 1908, Labour Act 2006, Artha Rin Adalat Ain 2003 and many others. With the growing use of arbitration in resolution of disputes, it is essential for the future lawyers and entrepreneurs to know about the methods and their uses. Therefore, BIAC organizes training programme on arbitration exclusively for them who wants to know about ADR and pursue their career in this area. This training on Arbitration is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of the Arbitration Process. The course will cover Origin of ADR; ADR in Bangladesh Laws; Elements, Importance and Effect of Arbitration Clause; Composition of Arbitration Tribunal; Commencement and Conduct of Arbitration Proceedings, Arbitral Award and its Enforcement.