Watch BIAC’s first Webinar on Problems in Trade and Supply Chain

This webinar is aimed to discuss the possible impacts of COVID-19 on the ongoing ADR proceedings, risk factors and how to manage risks in Trade and Supply Chain. It will explore available ADR mechanisms to avoid and resolve disputes arising from the impacts of the COVID 19 crisis in a more efficient way. Even if there is no ADR clause in the original contract, such clause may be inserted in the new settlement contracts in order to mitigate the huge bulk of ongoing disputes.

Expert speakers from the RMG industry, businesses, banking sector and the lawyers’ community will address some of the key ADR and dispute resolution issues in the field of Trade and Supply Chain resulting from the COVID-19 crisis which will help the stakeholders facing the challenges of dealing with the current crisis.

Moderator: Muhammad A. (Rumee) Ali, CEO, BIAC


Anwar-ul Alam Chowdhury, Managing Director, Evince Group,

Md. Fazlul Hoque, Managing Director, Plummy Fashions Ltd.

Ahmed Shaheen, Deputy Managing Director, Eastern Bank Ltd.

Shafayat Ullah, EVP, Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.

Mohammed Forrukh Rahman, Head of Rahman’s Chambers

Dr. Khaled Hamid Chowdhury, Senior Partner, Chowdhury & Ullah

Mahbubur Rahman, Chairman, BIAC