One-Day ADR Training to be held on 29th January 2019 at BIAC

BIAC is going to organise a day long training on ADR on 29th January 2019 at BIAC. This training is being offered exclusively to university-level students.


ADR is widely practiced in resolving civil disputes around the world. ADR methods, such as Mediation and Arbitration are growing forms of dispute resolution means in Bangladesh. Many laws of Bangladesh today have ADR provisions; we feel it is essential for the future lawyers and entrepreneurs to know about the methods and their uses.


This training is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of various ADR methods.  The course will cover an overview of ADR, and more precisely stages and processes involved in Arbitration and Mediation. Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the course. The intensive training will be held at BIAC.


Number of participants for this course is limited, and registration will be on first-come-first-served basis The last date for registration is  22nd January 2019.


To register, please forward a filled in Registration Form to or and complete the payment of the registration fee (as mentioned in the Registration Form).