Kuala Lumpur International ADR Week 2018 (KLIAW)



BIAC is happy to be a supporting organisation for Kuala Lumpur International ADR Week (KLIAW 2018) from 5-7 May 2018 organised by Asian International Arbitration Centre (Formerly known as KLRCA). Registration is ongoing and the last date for registration is 15 April, 2018. BIAC is responsible for the registration, accommodation, air ticket and VISA processes only.

Who should attend:

  • Professional, Academics and Scholars interested in ADR methods, i.e. arbitration, mediation and conflict resolution.

Why should you attend:

  • Senior officials, eminent personalities & senior executives of the ADR community will be attending the conference which gives delegates an unique opportunity to network & establish contacts for future mutual benefits.
  • To act as a catalyst for sharing and exchanging today’s knowledge and best practices on ADR.
  • To be a part of a global discussion consisting of some of the world’s greatest visionaries, forward thinkers, mediation experts, conflict resolution practitioners and inspirational speakers
  • To learn about methods of conflict resolution and management as well as promoting process of ADR
  • To know about commercial and civil dispute resolution tools at domestic, regional and international level through an interactive session.
  • To regard dispute resolution as a part of an enterprise’s corporate culture, risk management process corporate social responsibility program and a matter of good governance.

Documents required for VISA application:

1.   Duly completed Original Visa Application Form (IM.47- Pin. 1/97)

2.   2 recent coloured passport-size photos with white background (studio version);

3.   Passport validity not less than 6 months from travel date and must contain at least 3 continuous empty pages;

4.   Photocopy of  Passport, previous Malaysian visa (if any);

5.   Photocopy of Return Air ticket;

6.   Financial proof i.e personal Bank Statement for the last 3 months accompanied by Bank Solvency Letter/Certificate or International credit card for those living outside of Bangladesh;

7.    Application Letter from the applicant stating the purpose of visit;

8.   Invitation/Reference letter from sponsor or counterpart in Malaysia, if relevant.