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Double Glazing Existing Windows for Soundproofing Insulation Why Double Glaze with Magnetite Double Performance + Magnetite Assistance = Greatest Customer Price Your retrofit double increase the thermal efficiency of your windows by up-to 70% and glazing window options are alone screened and shown to lower noise by way of a window. We are enthusiastic about delivering educated advice and a great level of assistance that is reinforced from the prizes we’ve gained. Isnt it time you experienced price that is awesome Proud People of Multiple Business Awards What is Double Glazing Performance Retrofit double-glazing is the improvement of a secondary glazing level to the screen that is existing. Solutions that were Magnetites are designed to suit various kinds and shapes of windows. Your retrofit double glazing window answers may outperform classic double-glazed windows. Lessen disturbance by up-to 70%, enhance thermal glazing efficiency by around 70% and improve one’s home or office’s energy-efficiency. Service-We realize it is not unimportant for our consumers to get regular knowledgeable and productive service. Magnetite is likely to be there that will help you from your first call through installation, to the evaluation to after sales assistance.

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At Magnetite, our objective would be to exceed our requirement of comfort. Whether it’s summertime heat cold or traffic sound, we shall supply the greatest retrofit double-glazing windows solution to suit you Benefit Magnetites retrofit without updating existing windows double glazing window methods give soundproofing warmth. No architectural changes are expected, which lowers your charge. Benefit from the advantages of double glazed windows without screen replacement’s headache. Magnetites retrofit dual windows are a successful and affordable solution insulate and to soundproof workplace or your property. Our 7-year guarantee is longer than the industry-standard and compliments from coping with an industry leader with more than 18 years expertise the convenience that arises.