BIAC Remembers Mr. JLN Murthy

We are deeply saddened at the sudden demise of Mr. JLN Murthy, Regional Centre in Charge and Secretary of the International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ICADR), Hyderabad, India. Mr. Murthy supported BIAC tremendously and had confirmed to be an Arbitrator for our first Inter-University International Arbitration Contest 2021 on our invitation, which was scheduled to be held on 5 November 2021.
We recall Mr. Murthy’s contribution to the development of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) through advocacy, capacity building programmes and actual facilitation of dispute resolution by means of arbitration and mediation. We, at, BIAC remember with gratitude his support. It was an honour and a privilege to have worked with him.
Mr. Murthy’s passing is a great loss to the ADR community of the region including BIAC, particularly for those who are aware of his contributions to the community and the ICADR.