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Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre is the first international arbitration institution of the country. It is registered as a not-for-profit organization and commenced operations in April 2011 under a license from the Government. Three prominent business Chambers of Bangladesh, namely, International Chamber of Commerce-Bangladesh (ICC-B), Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) and Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI), Dhaka are sponsors of BIAC. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) – the private sector arm of The World Bank – with funds from UK Aid and European Union, is supporting BIAC in the initial stages under a co-operation agreement. BIAC provides a neutral, efficient and reliable dispute resolution service in this emerging hub of South Asia’s industrial and commercial activity. BIAC introduced its Arbitration Rules in April 2012. These Rules incorporate some of the leading developments in domestic and international arbitration, while conforming to the Bangladesh Arbitration Act 2001. BIAC is renowned for its first-rate, state-of-the-art arbitration facilities, experienced panel of independent arbitrators and excellence in serving its clients. Discover from these pages why businesses increasingly choose to arbitrate in BIAC.

ঋণখেলাপিদের মাফ করে দেয়া হবে: অর্থমন্ত্রী

“অর্থমন্ত্রী মুস্তফা কামাল বলেন, সারা বিশ্বেই ঋণখেলাপিদের মাফ করে দেয়ার ব্যবস্থা আছে। দেশে বিকল্প বিরোধ নিষ্পত্তি আইন কার্যকর না থাকায় ব্যাংকে প্রবেশ করলে সেখান থেকে বের হওয়ার পথ ছিল না। তাই আমরা আইনগুলো কার্যকর করে সেই আইনি প্রক্রিয়ায় সহনীয় পরিস্থিতি তৈরি করে সবাইকে এখান থেকে মাফ করে দেয়ার ব্যবস্থা করব।”
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CIArb Asia Pacific Diploma Course in International Arbitration in Singapore from 25 May 2019 to 2nd June 2019

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and as a supporting organization Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC) will conduct the Asia Pacific Diploma Course in International Arbitration in Singapore from 25 May 2019 to 2nd June 2019. This course offers a prestigious globally recognised qualification and is aimed at meeting the increasing demands for accredited arbitrators and arbitration practitioners to resolve cross border dispute in Asia pacific.

For more information & assistance regarding registration and payment please contact Ms. Mahbuba Rahman Runa, Sr. Counsel. (cell: +8801716-413842)

CIArb Diploma Course Flyer

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